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Cancer Sucks! PG Holyfield

Monday, August 18th, 2014

Just a day or two ago (I learned about it this morning) the podcasting world got hit with a major blow. PG Holyfield is dying. For those of us who are/were hobbyists in podcasting have all, in one-way or another, been touched by PG. He was there from the early days. He was one of the pioneers who helped a second generation of podcasters, myself included, start their own show.

PG is in the end stages of cancer. Cancer SUCKS! It has ravaged his body. The form he got has no cure and, like is PG’s case, goes undetected for a long time. He has tried treatments to battle this horrid disease, but it didn’t work. Right now his family and close friends are doing everything possible to keep him comfortable. It truly is a sad day for podcasting.

Back in late 2005 and early 2006 I was debating and working on developing Barley Podcasting. I was active on the Podcast Pickle forum boards. This is where all of us first and second generation podcasters learned the back-end of our trade. I would ask some of the most inane questions. How do you get the audio to your computer? What do you edit with? These were some of the beginning questions I would put out on the forums. I had many responses from the pioneers. They were always helpful. I always saw the name PG Holyfield in almost every question I asked or anyone else asked. He never stopped helping anyone in our community.

One day, after I put out an insane amount of deeper questions, I got a private response from PG. He went through and dissected each and every question I had. He tone of writing was nurturing and mentoring. His answers were not short in the least. They were detailed in the actions to be done, even at times giving his thought as to why it was important to do each process in the way he described.

I asked a few (probably a lot) follow up questions, and he answered each one in the same way he talked me through several of my initial questions. Never once did I get the feeling that he was annoyed with the questions, far from it. It was more mentoring me, encouraging me, nurturing me.

Now our shows were totally different. He is an author. He writes amazing stories. He takes a reader/listener on a journey like only the great authors do. Whereas my show was not like his at all, it is more daily life observations. I didn’t think he would even listen, as we were in two totally different podcasting worlds. I was totally wrong. In the beginning I would get an occasional note from him saying he enjoyed my show, loved a story I gave, or that I might have been better off leaving a story out. It was always good to see him being honest with me in the development of my show in the early days.

I honestly can’t remember if I ever had the honor to meet PG in person. I am sure our paths crossed at one of the Podcasting Expos I attended. I think we might have been on the same impromptu panel in Vegas, but I am not 100% sure (I have a picture of someone who looks like him sitting next to me, but I can’t say it is him, so I won’t post it, just incase it is not). If we had met, it was probably in passing. Which is a big loss for me.

I can’t say that PG was a friend, but I can say that I am honored that PG was a mentor to me, when I needed it most in podcasting. While he wasn’t the only one I had, he was still one of my mentors.

I ask anyone who has been effected by my show in any way to please check out his work. http://pgholyfield.blogspot.com. That is an older site, and his more current site is at http://www.pgholyfield.com/maah/ . Here is some of his work on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/p.g.-holyfield-presents-tales/id374410266?mt=2. Or you can go to Amazon and get his book, Murder at Avedon Hill. http://www.amazon.com/Murder-Avedon-Hill-P-G-Holyfield-ebook/dp/B003LPV5D2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1408389701&sr=8-1&keywords=pg+holyfield. You can listen to it at podiobook as well at http://podiobooks.com/title/murder-at-avedon-hill/ .

Please, if you can, please donate to a fund set up in his name at http://www.gofundme.com/pgfund .

PG is a good podcaster, a fantastic author, and most of all a great man. Cancer is taking him away from us much too soon. PG Holyfield, if you do get a chance to read this, thank you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for being the man you are. Thank you for mentoring a dork become even dorkier in podcasting. Finally THANK YOU for everything you have done for every podcaster and podcast listener, whom you touched in one way or another.

NaPodPoMo 2011

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Well with it being the end of October, I made a fateful decision. NaPodPoMo is coming up again in November. I can’t believe it is already here again. A year ago, I did this silly thing and it seemed to really be a good move for me. I decided to do it again this year.

That’s right! I am putting 30 shows out in 30 days. They will all be in the Barely Podcasting feed, but might have a different show in there as well.

See you all tomorrow as I start this all over again!


Sunday, October 31st, 2010

I will be participating in the NaPodPoMo for 2010. If you don’t know what it is, here is a quick description.

For the month of November, I will be publishing a new episode every day. 30 new episodes. The first episode will describe what is going on and how it will run down. From that point on, you will see if I can complete this task.

Are you ready for a daily dose of Barely Podcasting? November will be interesting!

Happy Birthday Podcasting?

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Today is the 5th anniversary of something huge in podcasting. 5 years ago today, iTunes 4.9 was released by Apple. It is when they (Apple) included a podcatcher in to the iTunes store. It is also the 5th anniversary of me downloading my first podcast. It was for iPodLounge. The podcast is now defunct.

When iTunes 4.9 was released it came with a directory of about 1,000-2,000 podcasts. Not just individual episodes, but of shows themselves. Most of them had tens of hours of content in a library that could be downloaded easily. Well it was easy if you had a decent internet connection and a computer that moved faster than a hamster taking a nap.

I quickly began to learn about the medium. I downloaded the Nate and Di Show, Gabber Jaw and The Twisted Pickle. Sadly all three shows are also now defunct. All three were some of my favorites, and still are. I then heard my first podiobook. Scott Sigler EarthCore. All of these shows started BEFORE June 28, 2005. The feeds for all the shows listed in my initial listening experience are all still active. Since then, I have listened to many other shows that have also started before iTunes 4.9 release. The Redboy Podcast (one of my all time favorites) is a shining example of what was done before 4.9 and they are still podcasting to this day.

I started my show just months later. I am in the initial wave of Post 4.9 (Shows that started after iTunes 4.9 was released) podcasts. I was not around in the wild days when everything was done differently and had to be changed to be part of the Apple way. I missed out on the trial and error of handwriting, typing, your RSS feed.

Many of the shows that were initially listed in iTunes when 4.9 was released have since faded in to history. Some are still going strong, such as The Big Show, Zaldor World, Mur Lafferty, Tee Morris, Evo Terra, and Comedy4Cast to name a few.

What is frustrating to me today, the 5th anniversary of an event that changed my life, is that Apple says it is the 5th Birthday of podcasting. Now do not get me wrong, I love love LOVE Apple products. I have my share of them, and hope to keep that growing. But Apple did not invent podcasting. Steve Jobs did not get on a microphone in August of 2004 and create an audio file that was then transmitted to RSS readers, like original MTV VJ Adam Curry did with The Daily Source Code (this is the accredited date of podcasting birth).

Now I will celebrate podcasting 6th birthday in about a month and a half. Not today though. It is just the anniversary of the day Apple released an update to one of their software titles. Shame on you Apple for trying to rewrite history. By the way Apple, can you send me a new iPhone 4? I want one really bad and would love to have one before January.

I do want to thank Tee Morris for inspiring me to write this post. Sometimes a 140 character tweet can get your mind going.

Four Years…..

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Four years ago today, I finally took the advise of three podcasters (all three of whom have podfaded) and got myself an iRiver at the Circuit City (which is also now out of business) that was near my work. I ordered it online and picked it up over my lunch break. Driving around, I recorded what is now the first episode of Barely Podcasting. I had no idea what I was going to do with the show. I had no idea where my life would lead as well.

Four years later, I have been called an expert in doing a solo podcast (I beg to differ, but if you want to say that about me, I won’t stop you), asked to be a speaker at multiple PodCamps across the country, won a few awards. I have created two shows (Barely Podcasting and Chat Buffet) that have created 93 hours, 47 minutes and 6 seconds of content. I have been a guest on many shows, and miss doing that. Barely Podcasting has released 136 episodes thus far. That is the podcaster part of my life in the four years.

On a personal side, you have been with me in a journey that I never expected. Loss of jobs, the breakdown of a marriage and subsequent divorce process. You have seen me take many leaps of faith with going back to school and discovering my love of photography (thank you again Matt from the Redboy Podcast and RedCorn Studiosfor encouraging me there). I have also taken many chances with the show as well. More than I can list.

One thing I can say is that you all have been there with me the whole process. It has been a wild ride, that isn’t stopping. I have another show in the works, and will keep up with Barely Podcasting. I can’t thank you all enough for sticking with me for however long you have been listening. With that said, I need to get out there and find more to talk about on the show.


Tuesday, October 27th, 2009


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Tech problems ……

Friday, March 13th, 2009

I know I said that I was going to try and do two episodes a month. That was a month ago, and no episodes since. I have been working on some tech issues. It turns out my mixers is kind of fried. Well not kinda, it is really fried. I just realized it after many tests that it was there, nothing else. So it looks like I will be looking in to a new mixer soon. In the mean time I will be recording on the H4, which means a lot of editing. I will record tomorrow.

Holiday update

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

About 5 weeks ago I put out a post stating why I wasn’t looking forward to the holiday season. I figured I should give an update to that. What I figured would happened didn’t. Yes I did have my moments of loneliness. I think that was to be expected, namely when I was around couples the entire time. It can be easy to get used to being the 3rd wheel, but there are times that you just don’t want to be that. For the most part it was a good holiday season.

I did get to spend a lot of time with my daughter. That was truly special. I was the only parent she had to spend time with one-on-one and we had a lot of time together. We got to spend time with extended family, and as I write this, We are in Boston visiting my sister, brother-in-law and their son.

One thing I actually found a lot of fun this year was shopping. I know, for those of you who have followed me for a while will know I HATE shopping with a passion. I had a lot of fun shopping for my daughter. I started in July, and would get things slowly through out the second half of the year. I did one larger purchase date, and that is thanks to a listener who sent me a special discount card for the Disney store (unfortunately it didn’t work on tickets for the parks, I will have to talk to the mouse about that one. In any event the Disney is probably the 2010 vacation). I have a picture of Flickr of her with her Disney loot. To that listener, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. It means a lot to me that you thought of me and my munchkin.

As for 2009, well I am looking forward to my rebuilding. I am in such a good place now. With a new gig starting officially today, and school starting in a couple of weeks, 2009 will be a huge rebuilding year that will make the transformation complete. I also believe I will finally get the last 60 pounds I have wanted to shed off of me and reach my weight loss goal.

What all will 2009 bring? I have no clue. I will probably get ticked off with politics (being a conservative, this would be a given), but besides that, I have no clue. I am looking forward to what 2009 will bring. Will it bring fame and fortune (I WISH!!), a true love, or some other dream? I have no idea, but it will be an exciting ride. I am glad to say that those of you who listen to the podcast will be a part of the ride and hear how the year shapes up.

Happy New Year to you all, and remember, 2009 is the year of Barely!

The Holiday Season

Friday, November 28th, 2008

Yes the holiday season has begun. People out getting gifts for their friends and family. I too have been getting things from my family. I have also been thinking about my life (yes for those of you who have read the pure blog posts will see a lot of things happen towards the end of the year). This is a holiday season, I am not looking forward to. Christmas is usually a time for enjoyment and sometimes fulfillment of dreams (well at least if you are a child, speaking of which, I am still waiting for my original Obi-Won Kenobi action figure I asked for back in 1977, are you listening SANTA!). Well this will make for the third unpleasant Christmas in a row for me. Let’s go back to 2006.

In 2006, I was coming off my weight loss surgery and still under lifting restrictions. My wife at the time has just been diagnosed with “abnormal cell growth” (in English, CANCER) in her uterus after we lost what would have been our second child. Being 33 and hearing that the woman you love more than anything in the world has cancer is extremely scary. I looked at her every night and nearly cried, and in some cases while she slept, I did. Christmas came and that week, she began her Chemo treatments. She was worn out, she was fighting with all her might, and I was doing everything I could think of to help, which as the spouse of a cancer patient isn’t as much as I would have hoped I could do, I know I felt helpless. At the same time I was so proud of her. she was fighting something very scary and with a lot of dignity and grace. I had remembered thinking I wish I could be as strong as she is right now. She was truly amazing and I was in awe of her strength.

As we went to my folks to celebrate Christmas, we got out of the car in their driveway and got our daughter out of her seat. Walking to the door, I looked at her and said a prayer, I hope none of you ever have to. It was in essence, “Lord, please don’t let this be my last Christmas with her. I love her so much and please get rid of this disease fast because I don’t know if I can live without her.” In the end, she did beat it. For a long time I wore a yellow LiveStrong bracelet in honor of her and the way she fought something so terrible. Even to this day, I am surprised about the prayer that I said, and what would happen within 11 months.

2007 was one that was tough. As I see it now, my marriage had ended, I just didn’t know it yet. I had started a new job after being laid off from another. My then wife helped me get it. I was really excited to be working with her. I felt this could give us time to have lunch together, maybe take the train together. You know, spend some quality time together just as a couple. When I accepted the job, she got mad at me. Not the screaming and yelling mad, but more the brooding seething kind of mad. We were not talking much, and when I tried to resolve it, she would just say, wait until after the holidays. Something was up, and I didn’t know it. Walking on egg shells for the holidays is never fun. I was made to feel like a second class citizen by my own wife (well, I thought she was at that point, but she had given up on the marriage at this point, and in her mind there was no going back, which her actions proved). I felt I had dome something wrong, but felt I could fix it. We had arguments before, and a healthy relationship has many of them, but you work things out. I felt we were at this point. It was still fixable. One thing that should have been a huge red flag for me is when she didn’t want to put up any Christmas decorations. She always loved to do that, and the house always looked so beautiful when she did. She really had a talent for it, one where I think she could have made a lot of money over the holidays being a consultant for house decorating. I put up a very small tree with a few ornaments that I found around on Christmas Eve. I didn’t have to work that day but she did (I have a feeling she didn’t have to work that day, but there was something else that made her want to go in to the office and not be with her family). It was pathetic how I had everything up, but I was running on very little time and wanted to surprise her with at least something. I swear that Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree was better than what I put up. I wrapped all the presents and had them ready to put out that night after my munchkin went to bed. The next morning, I had so many gifts for my ex and my daughter, but for me, I got a shirt. It wasn’t wrapped, and is now way too big. It was just tossed at me in the Kohl’s bag from which she had purchased it. Needless to say, I felt slighted and ignored.

What merges in to that holiday season for me is that I had found out when I started working with the then wife, I had stumbled upon something that would effect not only me and her, but someone else whom I used to have an immense amount of respect for, but no longer do. All three of these people worked at the same place and now none of these people work for that company due to the actions of one person, the willingness of another to go along with the first, and then an innocent bystander who just tried to do what was right. Needless to say just a few weeks later, it was really all over except for the lawyers.

That brings me to 2008. Christmas hasn’t arrived yet, but I am already dreading it. It is amazing how having a special someone at your side, even if you think you are just having an argument, really makes the holidays special. I know most of you will say, “You have your daughter.” Yes, I do, and I love her to death, but some of my dread comes for her as well. She is now coming from a broken family. The actions of one, a year before, hurt her as well. The biggest part is that I won’t be able to kiss a special woman under the Mistletoe, go to some to the holiday romantic comedies (yes I really do like romantic comedies) that come out this time of year. I see things in stores that I wish I could buy for someone, but I don’t have anyone to give them to. I will most likely be with my family this year for Christmas. I love them so much and they have supported me though the worst year of my life. But it won’t be the same without anyone who I can just turn to who will give me that special smile that is between two adults who love each other.

This holiday season, I now can fully understand why the suicide rate always increases around the holidays. No, I am not saying that I will do that nor do I condone that, but I now understand why it is. It is hard to be single again in the holidays, namely when most of your friends and all your family, and ex aren’t.

I believe I could get in to a relationship at any moment I want to, there has been a few opportunities, but I am making sure that I am ready to give the woman I will be with the kind of attention she deserves. I am almost there, and maybe the holidays of 2009 will be better for me. Finally one without drama (which ALWAYS happened with my ex) and just enjoyable. Who that woman is, I don’t know yet. I hope to be able to meet her soon. I feel the saying that a lot of people say is true, love comes when you least expect her. But for this year, I am single and maybe not so Merry.

I don’t ask for pity, but if you are in a religious service, please say a prayer of comfort for me. It is going to be a hard one for me. Also at a holiday party, have a drink for me as well. It will be much appreciated.

Anniversary of a new life

Friday, November 21st, 2008

November 20, 2006 is one of the many days in my life that makes a big mark. It was the day that I took action to change my life. Early that morning my then-wife and I dropped off my daughter at my folks place at 5 in the morning and went to the hospital. By 7 am I was being rolled in to surgery. this is the surgery that changed my life. The Lap Band procedure for weight loss. It was the start of a journey that in some ways got me to where I am today.

While the impact of this surgery wasn’t noticed until well over a year later, it was the start of a journey that began two years ago yesterday. With the Lap Band procedure, you have to go in for regular adjustments. I didn’t have my first adjustment for almost 6 months because of my phobia of needles, then had a picture taken the next day. I was at my heaviest weight at 312 pounds. Here is that picture

At my heaviest, 312 pounds

One year later to the day I had been through a lot. Betrayal that lead to a divorce, many moves, discovering who I am and rebuilding my life from what could only be considered to be ashes that it was when that first picture was taken. I had dropped 102 pounds in the following picture from the one before. I am wearing the same jersey in both, believe it or not.

One year and 102 pounds later

What a difference a year makes and it all started two years ago.