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Archive for May, 2006

18. Barely About Sports – Voice Mail (206) 984-3675

Monday, May 29th, 2006
Thanks for downloading, and I go to a White Sox game and bring you all along with me. I get to meet a Major Leager, don't leave before I say it is time to go, stupid signs at the ball park. I review today the I'm Right You're Wrong podcast. Music on this show is from We Wrote the Book on Connectors that can be found at the Podsafe Music Network.

17. Barely Need Your Help – Voice Mail (206) 984-3675

Sunday, May 21st, 2006
Welcome back to the Barely Podcasting podcast. Today I am getting in to trouble and not doing anything wrong. I reveiw the Fall of Autumn podcast. Golf hurts and I SUCK! Help me get the wife to come on to the show! Thanks for downloading!

16. Barely Rude People – Voice Mail (2006) 984-3675

Sunday, May 14th, 2006
Today on Barely Podcasting: Work talkers Mother's Day and Spam-A-Lot Review of Absolute Science, Another rude guy at a bar Contact me at: Barelypodcasting.com e-Mail me at: Barely@Barelypodcasting.com Voicemail: (206) 984-3675

15. Barely Driving a Fast Car – Voice Mail (206) 984-3675

Sunday, May 7th, 2006
Welcome to the 15th episode of Barely Podcasting Today, New Show Image Mowing the Lawn and running errands after that Show Review: The Gas Little Girl's Birthday Driving dad's new car Frappr update. Add me to your Podcast Pickle Favorites. Thanks for downloading, --Barely Contact me: e-Mail: Barely@BarelyPodcasting.com Web Site: www.BarelyPodcasting.com Voice Mail: (206) 984-3675