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Archive for June, 2007

71. Barely on Cation – Voice Mail (206) 984-3675

Saturday, June 30th, 2007
As my daughter keeps saying, "We go on cation!" This is my third feedback show, and it is short of the usual shows lately, but I did it mid week, so I hope you won't mind. BARELY INTRO: Kilroy 2.0 was here!

70. Barely the Rat – Voice Mail (206) 984-3675

Saturday, June 23rd, 2007
This is the last episode before my family vacations. But you won't see an interruption. There is no feedback this week, it will ALL be on episode 71. Here is what you will here on this show! BARELY INTRO: JC Hutchins of 7th Son I am a rat It isn't big enough Damn sun I get my Geek on 5 Gallons

8 things you didn’t know about me

Sunday, June 17th, 2007
Well, it finally got to me. Several shows have been mentioning the 8 things you don't know about me. Corby from the Twisted Pickle tagged me, so here it goes. 1. Before I moved to Japan, I thought the Chicagoland area was only the city and the northwestern suburbs. It was all I had ever been to. Man my view of where I lived was minute! 2. I can be extremely gullible. If a story sounds somewhat believable, I will most likely believe it. This has gotten me in to trouble a lot and made me look more and more like a dork. 3. When I went to a summer camp in the Sierra Nevada mountains in California, I saw a UFO. I was laying on a rock just looking at the stars and saw what I initially thought was a meteor enter the atmosphere. I looked away for a second then back at it, and it had stopped, and started heading back in the same direction it had just come from. It had multi-colored lights on the bottom that made an X on the bottom and then there were lights in the back that went in a partial arc. Maybe there are little green men out there. 4. As a kid, when I was asked what I wanted to do when I grew up, I would say, President of the United States, or a race car driver (I only knew of Indy Car at the time). 5. While driving from Milwaukee home in 1999, I was behind a van that slammed in to a semi. I pulled over and tried to get the people out of the van, with out any luck. I found out later that everyone (6 people, 4 of them kids) but the driver died as I tried to get them out. It still haunts me from time to time. 6. Before I went to college, I didn't care much for sports. I would only follow teams if they were from Chicago and were in a championship run (Bears in 1985 and Bulls 1991). My big brother in my fraternity was a White Sox fan and he started the whole thing. Now I am an avid sports fan. 7. When I did a semester of college at Northern Illinois University, I would routinely drive home at over 100 mph. It was reckless, but the car I had at time time was extremely fast and it was built for that speed. 8. While I was not a great student, I have only failed two classes. One was Geometry that was taught by a crappy teacher who didn't know how to help a student who just didn't get what he was trying to teach, and the other was Calculus for Business. I just didn't get calculus at all, that was truly me. I am tagging Dinkycast Tucker Tales Love Long and Prosper The Big Show

69. Barely 69 DUDE – Voice Mail (206) 984-3675

Sunday, June 17th, 2007
Ok I didn't find the sound clip I wanted, but still 69 DUDE! I am such a dork. Here is the show info. BARELY INTRO: J.C. Hutchins from 7th Son You wear that to work? Temporary Dyslexia The soft talker is back My new award This is cool (Thanks Fifi) Part 3 of 4 of my interview with J.C. Hutchins, author of 7th Son

68. Barely Silly Parts – Voice Mail (206) 984-3675

Saturday, June 9th, 2007
Yep, it is Episode 68. Enjoy BARELY INTRO: Podsafe Comedy Countdown I have silly parts It isn't gum Again, I am not a car guy Working at the ball game I am not THAT drunk Part 2 of 4 of my JC Hutchins Interview for 7th Son BARELY REVIEW: Murphy's Saloon

A way to get me to PME

Thursday, June 7th, 2007
I so appreciate everyone helping me get to PME. I honestly don't know what to say, but Thanks. Now I want to do something for you all. For anyone who donates $25 I will make a DVD of the following things (if you have already donated, and you want this, just get the total up to $25 and you get it): 1. A personalized message (audio) from me to you 2. The entire history of Barely Podcasting (including the terrible Episode 3, as is) 3. All bumpers I have made for other shows But wait, there's more! 4. All pre-recorded pieces I have done for other shows 5. ALL the bumpers I have ever used And since I will make this a bargin for ya, I am also including: 6. All my intros that are in the rotation 7. EVERY EPISODE OF CHAT BUFFET!!! (My other short lived show) Now that is something. Anyone interested? If not, then I won't, but I thought I would throw it out there.


Tuesday, June 5th, 2007
Today on Twitter there was a thread going around about things done at weddings. Well I mentioned that I had a Lightsaber battle with my wife at the reception. Proof was requested. So here it is. First here is the picture of me and my wife in a nice posed picture Removed to see if it fixed a set up issue And now here is the battle that took place later Before the fight beginsWe be fightingShe broke my Lightsaber!!!!

New Archive Page

Sunday, June 3rd, 2007
I have gotten some messages lately that people couldn't get show before episode 39. I have no clue why that happened, but it did. I was still getting downloads of those shows, so I just said the heck with it and created an Archived Shows Page. While I am trying to keep those shows in the feed, I also realized that some might have a problem, so here ya go. All the shows from 1-39. Well except the infamous Episode 3. I am still working on re-releasing that after I have done a complete re-recording of it. It was that bad. If in the future you want to see those shows again, you can always use this link, or go to the Archived Shows link in the Pages section. Can I go back to bed now?

67. Barely Like a Hurricane – Voice Mail (206) 984-3675

Saturday, June 2nd, 2007
Back to a regular schedule. Actually I am a day early. Wow! BARELY INTRO: Bucket It is MY desk! It is open? YOU are the Tech person? I am a named storm Part 1 of 4 of my interview with JC Hutchins of the 7th Trilogy/Podcast Remember to vote for me at the Public Radio Talent Quest before June 4th! Also if you want please donate to my Send Barely to PME fund. No amount is too small.