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Archive for July, 2007

76. Barely meets Borat – Voice Mail (206) 984-3675

Monday, July 30th, 2007
Busy weekend pushes the release out a day. Sorry about that. But the reviews are back! BARELY INTRO: Steve's Midlife Crisis I am the fireman How not to sit She thinks I am thinking something else I am an observant father Where to sit BORAT What you can't take out of Chicago BARELY REVIEW: The Unreal OC

75. Barely and the Fighters – Voice Mail (206) 984-3675

Monday, July 23rd, 2007
Back to a regular show with feedback and everything. I hope you all enjoy it! BARELY INTRO: Listener James Moron and his car Who broke the chair? Jet Fighters EVERY YEAR You work where? e-Mail subject lines My Keyboard Rain gods don't like me Listener Kate's links are here. The Blogathon is July 28! Help her out!

74. Barely Riding with Geezers – Voice Mail (206) 984-3675

Saturday, July 14th, 2007
I am back and my desktop PC dies. I am going with what I have at the moment, and the voice mails will have to wait until my PC is back up and running. In the mean time I got this show out. BARELY INTRO: Wicked Good Podcast It is all about the vacation/family reunions.

Show delay

Saturday, July 14th, 2007
Ok just so you know, when I record, it is on my tower desktop PC. Lately I have been having fan issues. Two days ago, I was trying to do a few things and the computer crashed on me. I heard the Processor is overheating beeps, so I knew I needed a CPU fan soon. Last night I had that computer on and the fan started screaming. It went down. Today I went to get a new fan and it wasn't the right size, so I tried another one, that wasn't good either. So as of right now, I have the motherboard out and will take it over to show them what fan I need for my system. I hope to get that later today then rebuild the computer again. Due to this, I might have to delay the show a day or two. I apologize for the delay, but with the computer down, I have no options at the moment. EDIT: Ok with much thanks to Daryl Cognito of Atomic Suburbia and Jason from Tucker Tales I got the computer fully working. man I can't believe that I lived without the PC that long!

73. Barely an interview – Voice Mail (206) 984-3675

Wednesday, July 11th, 2007
Somehow I am such a tech-tard that I can't figure out how to make this a web only download, so I am not doing it that way. I am putting this out as a full show, my longest to day, but it is the full interview with JC Hutchins, author of 7th Son. Since it is also mid week I figured what the hell, and just do it this way. I hope you enjoy!

72. Barely Music – Voice Mail (206) 984-3675

Sunday, July 8th, 2007
Well this is my back up episode. I have wanted to do an all music show, and here it is. I used to be a DJ in high school and this is the first time I have tried this in 16 years now. I hope you enjoy, and remember all these songs have been played as bumper music in the show. Next week I will get back to my normal format. BARELY INTRO: ChitChat Moms Drive Away by Matthew Ebel Our Truth by Lacuna Coil The Last Scene by Sinch Boozin Susan by Adrenaline Factor Raise Up Your Hands by American Heartbreak Blind by Hydrogyn Code Monkey by Jonathan Coulton Heart Rate 160 by Killola Deliver Me by One Day Remains Chicago by Blackboard Jungle