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Archive for August, 2008

Another Milestone Reached

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

For those of you long time followers to the site will remember back on December 21, 2006 I had a post like this. That was the day I broke 10,000 downloads. Well yesterday I had another milestone in the same vein. On Thursday August 28, I broke the next milestone in download numbers. While it isn’t Grammar Girl numbers (1.3 million) it is still big for me. I finally hit 100,000 downloads! I don’t want this to be self gloating or anything, it is more of a thank you to all of you who have downloaded the show.

I started off thinking I would just have about 50 listeners (huge wish at the time for me) and they might eventually contact me. Now I have people who download the show regularly, and new listeners are always popping in. I want to thank you all. With out your support I couldn’t be where I am today with the show. It means a lot to me. I wish I could thank each and every one of you individually, but there is a silent majority of you who haven’t ever contacted me so that makes it hard to know who you are. It is ok, believe me I am not complaining at all, it is just how you enjoy the show, and for me that is what is important. So this quick post is me thanking each and every one of you for the support! It means the world to me and I will keep noticing the weirdness that surrounds us all and bringing it to you.

Your Adorkable host,


114. Barely in Vegas – Voice Mail (206) 984-3675

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

I am back from the Expo and here is what happened. You really though that what happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas? Really? With a bunch of podcasters who love to talk? You need to learn that what happens with a podcaster, the whole world knows!

BARELY INTRO: Random from Sturgeons Law

Dont take this on board
Mile High Club
I am lost
Wheres my card
I will twitter you
Observations (yeah I get serious)
You ALL want to be in my picture
It is just an alley
Fabulous Frank, and his SPECIAL admirer
Have you met Barely
Geek Time
I did what?

Thanks for downloading!

113. Barely Out The Door – Voice Mail (206) 984-3675

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

I am back and getting ready to leave for the New Media Expo in Las Vegas in just a matter of hours! I had to get this show out before then. I hope you like it and I might be back at the END of the week with an Expo recap!

BARELY INTRO: Me and the Bean

Ikea kid
Lawyers go at it
Head Bang
Expo Prep
I sat there
BARELY REVIEW: Words to Mouth

Thanks for downloading and remember to keep an eye on my Flickr and Twitter accounts for updates and pics from this weeks Expo in Las Vegas