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Barely Reviewed Shows

Ok the side bar of the site was getting long, so I figured I would create a page that will be just for reviewed shows. It is a good way to get more information (well at least a picture) of each show, instead of just a link. I hope you find this easier and of more benefit to you when looking for new shows to listen to. _______________________________________________ Truth Seekers on Episode 82 Truth SeekersDani does a political podcast that really makes you think. Just as a warning, she leans to the left, but she isn't obnoxious as a lot of political commentators are. She is open and wants to hear everyone's opinion. She is gratious to every person who gives her feedback, even if their opinion is different than hers. _______________________________________________ Atomic Suburbia on Episode 81 Atomic SuburbiaDaryl, who did the Poddog Show, started this show up after he ended the Poddog show. It is of similar format, but with a pure Canadian flavor (which tastes like fish I am told). There is also something about robots, but I have yet to figure that out. ________________________________________________ Say...Anything on Episode 78 Review to come ________________________________________________ Heaven on Episode 77 Review to come ________________________________________________ The Unreal OC on Episode 76 The Unreal OCReview to come ________________________________________________ Kids Wife Work Life on Episode 61 Kids Wife Work LifeReview to come ________________________________________________ The Mighty Mommy On Episode 56 The Mighty MommyReview to come ________________________________________________ Let's Get Naughty on Episode 55 Let's Get NaughtyReview to come ________________________________________________ The Poddog Show on Episode 54 The Poddog ShowReview to come _______________________________________________ Tuckertales on Episode 53 TuckertalesReview to come _______________________________________________ Dinkycast on Episode 51 Review to come _______________________________________________ Podcast Pickle on Episode 50 Review to come _______________________________________________ Cheap Date on Episode 49 Cheap DateReview to come _______________________________________________ Comedy4Cast on Episode 48 Comedy4CastReview to come _______________________________________________ The Big Show on Episode 46 The Big ShowReview to come _______________________________________________ Desperate Husbands on Episode 44 Desperate HusbandsReview to come ________________________________________________ The One Minute How-To on Episode 43 One Minute How-ToReview to come _______________________________________________ ChitChat Moms on Episode 42 ChitChat MomsReview to come _______________________________________________ Barfly on Episode 41 BarflyReview to come _______________________________________________ Sturgeon's Law on Episode 40 Sturgeon's LawReview to come _______________________________________________ Steve's Midlife Crisis on Episode 39 Review to come _______________________________________________ The Rookie on Episode 38 The RookieReview to come _______________________________________________ Smart Bomb Radio on Episode 37 Smart Bomb RadioReview to come _______________________________________________ Podcast 411 on Episode 36 Podcast 411Rob is a must listen to if you are a podcaster. He knows his stuff. He also gets the best interviews with so many interesting podcasters, you have to listen to the whole episode to get all the information Rob and his guest are trying so hard to tell you. If you don't get everything the first time, listen to it again and again! _______________________________________________ Me and the Bean on Episode 35 This show seems to have unfortunately podfaded. It was about the lives of Chad and Amanda who were preparing for the birth of their second child. The two of them were such a good podcasting fit, I am so sad to not see this show in my feed anymore. If it comes back, I will definitely redo this review. _______________________________________________ 7th Son on Episode 34 7th SonJC Hutchins has brought to the podcasting world a fantastic podiobook. It is about 7 knowing clones and their hunt for the deadly person called John Alpha, the man they were all cloned from. It is a trilogy of novels that take you from when each clone is "called" in to service to..... well we don't know yet. _______________________________________________ The Manic Mommies on Episode 32 Manic MommiesKristen and Erin are two working moms with families at home. How do they get it all done? Well you will have to listen. They have great guests on who are experts in their fields but also are trying to do it all. There have even been visits from their respective husbands. This is a must liten to for any mother, or even parent. _______________________________________________ Redboy Podcast on Episode 31 Matt and Amy put together this weekly couplecast (are you beginning to see a theme here) from the corn fields of central Illinois. This show it about so many things it is hard to say what you will find when you listen, but I can tell you it is fun. Matt and Amy have a great chemestry together and put out one of the best shows I have ever heard. _______________________________________________ Love Long and Prosper on Episode 30 Love Long and ProsperDan and CJ have a great couplecast, but it all starts with Star Trek. They are watching EVERY Star Trek episode from the first episode of the original series to the last episode of Enterprise in order of air date per series. Definitely the way to do it. Afterwards you get a look in to their lives in Arizona as parents of two young kids and many food events. It is a lot of fun. _______________________________________________ Public Nuisance Radio on Episode 29 Mikey, good friend of Corby from the Twisted Pickle, gives you his views on life and what happens around him. This isn't a show for those easily offended, but if you can't be offended. Make sure you check Mikey out! _______________________________________________ You Are The Guest on Episode 27 You Are The GuestThe ultimate talk show in a podcast. Bill Grady interviews one person per episode to get their views and opinoins on Politics and life itself. At the end Bill is asked three questions from his guest. Such an entertaining show! Also I was a guest, but you will have to find that episode. _______________________________________________ Mostly News on Episode 26 Mostly NewsCharles does this show which brings you some news you might not expect, but will make you look good around the water cooler. You get the headline as well as the important information to make you look good. _______________________________________________ GROW on Episode 25 This show has since podfaded. It was one of those shows that as a parent you definitely wanted to listen to. Erika was just a lot of fun, and while she hit on serious topics, the show was fun and informative. It is sad to say this show is no longer around. _______________________________________________ Bucket on Episode 24 Bucket PodcastBucket is done by Jen and Corey. It is a couplecast that is just so much more. If you like Monkey's.....BUCKET. If you like Second Life.....BUCKET. If you like sports.....BUCKET. Need bathroom etiquette.....BUCKET. Bucket has it all! _______________________________________________ Planet Retcon Radio on Episode 23 Planet Retcon RadioThis show is a story line of sci-fi comedy. There are several stories within this show. It is an ensemble cast that pull this show together. I have also done a guest star appearance on this show as well. For this review......I win! _______________________________________________ For What Its Worth on Episode 22 For What It's WorthSteve and Dawn put out a show that is just the best pick me up. This show is a couplecast that comes from the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. Talking about cooking, teenage kids, and life in the mountains. When ever I have a rough day, I just listen to this show and I feel so much better. _______________________________________________ Podsafe Comedy Countdown on Episode 21 Podsafe Comedy CountdownThe Philosophy Guy brings together the top podsafe comedy music. The music is in the vein of Dr. Demento, and the show is just as fun. If you enjoy novelty music and just the wacky music you can hear from Weird Al, then this is the podcast for you. _______________________________________________ Gabber Jaw on Episode 20 Gabber JawJohn and Wendy from Gabber Jaw put together a hard hitting but extremely fun show that is just a must listen to. It was also one of the first shows I listened to. Also John and Wendy are some of the first podcasters I ever met. It is more of an adult show, so you are warned of language. _______________________________________________ The Twisted Pickle on Episode 19 The Twisted PickleCorby and the Twisted Pickle is one of my favorite shows of all time. Corby is a father and a husband of a daughter roughly the same age as my little girl. If you like my show, you will love this show. You will notice a lot of similarities between our shows, but there are differences as well. I have routinely said Corby is my Podcast Mentor. _______________________________________________ I'm Right You're Wrong on Episode 18 Another show that faded quickly. it was done by two guys in college, then summer hit, so they took the summer off. It never came back. This was a sports show that looked at all US sports. It was well done and the podosphere is just that much less since they are not here anymore. _______________________________________________ Fall of Autumn on Episode 17 This show is one that is hard to find the consistency. I say that because it is short stories by multiple contributors. It is a good show to get a short story that is well done and well thought out. Occasionally there is a music review put in here as well. A must have for anyone with eclectic tastes. _______________________________________________ Absolute Science on Episode 16 This is a great show that has unfortunately faded. It was done by Adam Lowe and Mignon Fogerty. You might know her now as Grammar Girl. It was a show that brought all of complex scientific issues in to the realm of regular people. It was well done, and had interviews with some top line scientists. The archive is still available, so please go check it out. _______________________________________________ The Gas on Episode 15 Unfortunately Adrian and Geoff have called it quits on this show. It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it. It was a a show done by a Canadian (Adrian) and an Austrailian (Geoff) done in Australia where Adrian is going to school and working full time. I haven't been able to find anyplace where this show is archived, so it is lost, which is a shame _______________________________________________ The Wicked Good Podcast on Episode 14 The Wicked Good PodcastThis is my first review. I am so glad to say that this show is still around. Steve and Maureen give you a weekly (or maybe a bit longer since the birth of their daughter) slice of life and misadventures from New England. You get a little bit of everything, from bad customer service at local restaurants, to sports updates to video game reviews. It is a must listen to and it should be noted that I hand picked this show to be the first review. Hopefully that will say something.